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196 Antiinflamatory activity of phenolic compounds extracted from Uruguayan propolis and grape PDF icon publicación ISI Publicaciones ISI
cAMP-Induced Histones H3 Dephosphorylation Is Independent of PKA and MAP Kinase Activations and Correlates With mTOR Inactivation PDF icon camp-induced_h3_dephosphorylation_jcb.25359_1.pdf Publicación ISI
Cholinergic modulation amplifies the intrinsic oscillatory properties of CA1 hippocampal cholecystokinin-positive interneurons PDF icon cea-del_rio_et_al._2011_1.pdf Publicación ISI
Illuminating cholinergic microcircuits in the neocortex”. (2007). Cea-Del Rio CA. PDF icon tricoire_and_cea-del_rio._2007pdf.pdf Publicación ISI
M3 muscarinic acetylcholine receptor expression confers differential cholinergic modulation to neurochemically distinct hippocampal basket cell subtypes”. (2010). Cea-del Rio CA. PDF icon cea-del_rio_et_al._2010.pdf Publicación ISI
Seizure-Related Regulation of GABAA Receptors in Spontaneously Epileptic Rats”. 2015. Gonzalez MI, Grabenstatter HL, Cea-Del Rio CA, Cruz del Angel Y, Carlsen J, Laoprasert R; White AM; Huntsman MM, Brooks-Kayal A. Neurobiology of Disease. Mar 11;77:246- PDF icon gonzalez._cea_et_al._2015.pdf Publicación Indexada
Structural Analysis and Molecular Docking of Trypanocidal Aryloxy-quinones in Trypanothione and Glutathione Reductases: A Comparison with Biochemical Data PDF icon Publicación ISI Publicación ISI
Towards the understanding of the molecular basis for the inhibition of COX-1 and COX-2 by phenolic compounds present in Uruguayan propolis and grape pomace PDF icon paulino2016.pdf Publicación ISI
“An update on cholinergic regulation of cholecystokinin-expressing basket cells”. (2012). Cea-del Rio CA, PDF icon cea-del_rio_et_al._2012.pdf Publicacion ISI
“Kinetics, molecular basis and differentiation of L(+)-Lactate transport in spermatogenic cells”. (2005). Brauchi S, Alfaro I, Brito M, Cea C, Rauch MC, Concha I, Benos DJ and Reyes JG. PDF icon brauchi._cea-del_rio_et_al._2005.pdf